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Brandon "Finesse" Horton was born in Saginaw, MI but he grew up in Flint, MI. Finesse is very proud of where he comes from, and believes it has played a huge part in who he is today. His passion as a young child was basketball, so that was his focus throughout childhood. During his spare time he wrote poems and raps never thinking anything of it. Throughout childhood, Finesse would spend time at the studio with his father, who was a manager of various artists in the city of Flint; he believes this is where his love for music was conceived. He played basketball from 2nd grade until he graduated high school, but once he graduated he decided not to play college basketball. At this point in his life, he felt lost and discouraged, which led him to writing again. He began attending Central Michigan University in the fall of 2011. During his freshmen year, his roommates discovered that he was a talented rapper, and they spent their spare time making songs. The more lyrics he wrote the more he realized that making music is what he wanted to do with his life.



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